How many times does one die in one lifetime?

As many times as you allow yourself to. -d37


Dulce Maria Diaz-Mendoza was born in Tumbiscatio De Ruiz, Michoacan, Mexico 1983, and raised in Chicago, IL since 1988. Her artist name DULCE37 is also recognized as D37. She considers 3 and 7 to be her spiritual guidance numbers representing her faith; “living through trinity seven days a week.” She is a professional and a humanist with 20 years of experience in the legal field and an entire life dedicated to the creative field. She is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, curator, producer, and founder and director of S.H.E. Gallery (NFP) with a specialty in graffiti art history.

As a professional paralegal, she primarily tailored to the injured worker. Her professional practices helped extend abilities to take on various roles in community leadership. Dulce studied business for artists through the University of Chicago and founded S.H.E. Gallery (Sharing His Energy Gallery) 2014, it became a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization 2015. Dulce’s unique creative passions strive to build unity and cultivate history within all areas of her works.

Dulce became a museum educator/lecturer at the Art Institute of Chicago 2022. As an interdisciplinary artist she has exhibited and muraled in Chicago and other regions within the states. She has collaborated with various artists, organizations, and productions. Her director, artist and student roles have been featured on radio, television, and in various publications.  She is an Illinois Humanities: Odyssey Project UIC student alum. and recently received 4 year UChicago Basic Program for Continuing Education for Adults Program scholarship Fall 2023. Dulce is near completion of past-life regression hypnosis training as a holistic approach to aid mental-health childhood and adult traumas.

Dulce lives a very private life with her puppy. She enjoys to gather with her family, friends, colleagues and her hip-hop community. She also enjoys to travel, read, write, and has a strong passion for esoteric studies, metaphysical naturalism and mythology. Her dream is to publish while continuing to push her initiatives as an educator, director, and artist forward with aim to leave a brand new path of hope through her non-profit as well as her story for inspiration and aspiration to the next gen and all generations to come.